.Welcome to Henry & Lexi Skincare, where we're all about making you look and feel fabulous - without all the harmful chemicals, animal testing, and non-recyclable packaging. Our journey began with a lightbulb moment: why should we sacrifice our morals and our sense of humor for the sake of a beauty routine?

With over a decade of experience in natural makeup, body products, and facial cosmetics, we knew we could create a range of skin care products that are both effective and entertaining. So we set out to create a line of non-toxic, vegan, organic (where possible), and natural skin care products that are gentle on your skin, and make you smile too!

At our company, we're all about skin care that's as kind as a grandma's hug and as effective as a superhero's powers. Our secret ingredients? No cruelty and all natural goodness. Because who needs harsh chemicals when you can have glowing skin without making bunnies cry?

Our founder's family is her top priority, and that's why she's dedicated to living a natural lifestyle and using only the most whimsical and wacky products for her home and body. And now, we're sharing that same dedication with you!

At Henry & Lexi, we use powerful natural plant actives and Australian essential oils and extracts like Chamomile,Bergamot, Kakadu Plum, Papaya, Quandong, Vitamin C, White Willow Bark, Rosehip Oil, Lilly Pilly, and Pineapple

We also work with an experienced local chemist to create our formulations, because science is cool and we like to geek out on it.

And the best part? Our products are produced locally to support Australian businesses and reduce our carbon footprint. Plus, we have a 'giveback' journey to Pet Rescue Australia, because animals are our friends, not our lab rats.

So, are you ready to take your skin care routine to the next level? Grab some Henry & Lexi Skincare and get ready to laugh, love, and feel fabulous - without any of the boring bits.