Why natural skin care products are better for you and your skin

Nov 26, 2022

Why natural skin care products are better for you and your skin

While skin care is part of most people’s daily routine, have you thought about what’s in the products you’re using every day?

With many popular skin care ranges marketed as anti-ageing and with brightening and skin soothing properties, reading the list of ingredients can be a wakeup call. Whatever you place on your skin becomes absorbed into your body. So, if you avoid food and drinks that have animal ingredients and loaded with chemicals, it makes sense to avoid skin care products that are chemical laden.

When you use natural skin care products, that are vegan and cruelty free, you get peace of mind that they are produced from ingredients derived from plants. With most Australian woman using over 150 chemicals on their bodies every day, many have little knowledge of how these potential toxins are affecting their health.

Henry & Lexi is an Australian based skin care business established to turn the tide on skin care products that contain animal derived ingredients or are tested on animals.

Our natural skin care product range includes:
Plant based moisturisers
Eco-friendly facial cleanser
Age defying vegan moisturiser
Organic eye cream
Natural facial toner
Exfoliating vitamin Crystals 

When you use organic skincare formulated with plant derived ingredients, they can soothe your sensitive skin. And because Henry & Lexi natural skin care products are eco-friendly, any residue that you wash down the sink is kind to our environment. Made from natural oils, plant extracts and essential oils, our products have been designed by our trusted Australian, highly qualified cosmetic chemist to effectively nourish your skin. Yes, that’s right you don’t need harsh chemicals to see fabulous results from your skin care!

The organic natural ingredients in our natural skin care range have been chosen because they’re proven plant powered formulas. By adding ‘active’ ingredients derived from plants, our products effectively nourish your skin while combatting any problematic areas. And with numerous studies showing that skin care with potentially hazardous chemical ingredients possibly disrupting hormones and leading to suspected cancer cases, it makes sense to choose natural skin care products.

When you use natural skin care products like Henry & Lexi, you’ll share the same green beauty values with others around the world including celebrities, influencers and everyday women like you and me! As you use our organic skin care products, you can rest assured that there are no synthetic or artificial ingredients in them. And because we produce our natural skin care products in Australia, when you use our products, you’re supporting local jobs and businesses here on home soil. For a simple skin care regime full of nourishing plant based ingredients, Henry & Lexi Daily Essentials Bundle is perfect. For help and assistance with our natural skin care products,