Rose Quartz Roller


Boost the effects of your skincare routine with a luxurious Rose Quartz Facial Roller. This must have beauty tool gently contours the delicate skin on your face and encourages a deeper absorption of serums and creams. Improved blood flow results in a softening of wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. Simply apply a generous amount of facial serum or moisturiser, gently roll in an upward motion on your face, neck and decolletage daily.

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After cleansing and or toning apply a generous amount of Glow Elixir or your choice of moisturiser to face. Gently massage into skin, avoiding eye area. Starting with your neck and jaw, apply roller in an upwards motion with gentle pressure. Continue in an upwards motion towards the chin, cheeks, temples and forehead until serum/moisturiser has absorbed. Use daily for best results, clean with a damp cloth after use.

Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Contours, seals serums and moisturisers in to skin, helps to improve overall skin tone, encourages blood flow helping to reduce puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles, promotes cell restoration for a youthful complexion.


100% Rose Quartz

No Nasties

All of our skin care products are deliberately, emphatically and carefully created to leave out nasties that can pollute, not only our world, but our health. You’ll love that they are free of:
– Parabens
– Phthalates
– Petrochemicals
– Synthetic colours or synthetic fragrances
– Sulphates

Our plant powered formulas do contain

+ Naturally derived ingredients
+ Organic ingredients where possible
+ Australian oils, fruits and extracts
+ Aromatherapy oils
+ Sustainable and ethical ingredients
+ Natural preservatives

And our packaging is recyclable. Love!

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